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The Bark Potty box is a great option for people who need to leave their puppy home alone during the day while they are at work, people who live in a confined space and need a convenient indoor dog potty, or people who live in apartment buildings where the outdoor potty areas are shared with other dogs that could spread viruses and parasites to your new puppy while they aren’t fully vaccinated!

Bark Potty is your dog’s own personal dog potty area that can be set up anywhere you are! It is made out of real bark and can be used indoors, outdoors, on balconies, porches, boats, or virtually anywhere!

Bark Potty is made to last up to a month or longer without the maintenance of draining or washing that many other potty alternatives require. It is also all-natural, making it an eco-friendly option that attacks odor-causing bacteria to eliminate odors!

Bark Potty also sells gorgeous reusable puppy pee pads that can be used in their puppy playpen or underneath the bark potty pad to keep them clean in case they have any accidents!

We highly recommend the Bark Potty pads for any of our puppy families that live somewhere with shared/public grass areas. Until puppy is fully vaccinated, it is not safe to let them share a potty space with other dogs. If you allow them to share a potty area with other dogs then they will be highly susceptible to viruses like parvo and distemper as well as parasites such as giardia and coccidia! In order to protect your new fur baby, the Bark Potty provides a safe and private potty area for them! It also has a natural outdoor scent for them to be attracted to that way they don’t get use to the smell of artificial grass or puppy pads that may complicate and confuse potty training for puppy!

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