Fern x Reef

Fern and Reef are expected to have a litter of petite multigenerational goldendoodles around July 2nd. They will be ready to go home around August 27th.

meet the parents...


Mama Fern

Fern is a petite mini F1b intense dark red tuxedo Goldendoodle with a wavy coat. 

Fern is extremely eager to learn and is really human-focused. She likes to just sit and watch you and follow you wherever you go. She is a tiny little cuddle bug and has a super confident and playful personality. She loves to go on adventures and just sit and people watch! She lays with her paws crossed just like her mama.

  • Fern is 9lbs and 12 inches tall


papa Reef

Reef is a petite mini multigenerational dark red tuxedo Goldendoodle puppy. He has fantastic heavy white markings. He will pass these same gorgeous markings on to some of his puppies. He has gorgeous eyes that just stare into your soul! We are very happy to have Reef as a part of The Doodle Cove Family! 

Reef lives in a guardian home nearby with his wonderful family! He loves going on walks with his family. He is very fun and independent yet SO cuddly! He gets along so well with the other dogs and loves children! We look forward to when he comes to visit!

  • Reef is 16lbs and 13 inches tall

The Pups


Red & red with white

Expected to be various shades of red with some having abstract or tuxedo white markings. All puppies will have black noses like Fern and Reef.



Expected to be petite in size, around 9-15 pounds, and around 12-13 inches tall.


Curly, Wavy, and straight

We are expecting a combination of curly, wavy, and straight teddy bear coats (no flat coats – all will have the typical Goldendoodle look ie. beard, eyebrows, fluffy face).


Multi-Gen Goldendoodle

Multigenerational goldendoodle.  We love this because it allows us to breed for consistency and predictability in structure, temperament, and coats. This means that they will typically shed less than most other generations, and have the perfect teddy bear look while still keeping a good amount of the lovable golden retriever in the mix instead of being almost all poodle.  These puppies will be approximately 40% golden retriever and 60% poodle.

the list

Fern's pick list

  1.  Possible Breeder Reserve**

  2. Jia L.

  3.  Alexis St.

  4. Jorge C.

*Available spots on litter lists are dependent upon actual litter sizes, preferences of those on our paid Reservation List, & breeder preference (for first 2 spots).

Puppy picking day will occur after temperament testing has been completed. Temperament testing will usually occur once the puppies are 7 weeks old. This will help ensure that your puppy’s temperament fits into your lifestyle. It is also extremely helpful for people looking for specific traits for an ESA, facility dog, or service dog.