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My Loyal Hound

We have been lucky enough to be able to partner with My Loyal Hound and be able to offer their Puppy Training System with all of our puppies.  I can’t say enough things about Dre and her program. To prepare for your puppy they also provide a Free Mini-Course: How to Prepare for Bringing Puppy Home, and  steps for you before you get your puppy, and an Essential Checklist for: Welcoming Your New Puppy Home. 


Raw Dog Food

We start out our puppies by feeding them BJ’s raw dog food. We recommend keeping your puppy on BJ’s Raw Puppy for the first month. After that, you can switch to Raw Fed if you desire.


Open Farm Dog Food

If you don’t think raw food is the right option for you, we use Open Farm all-life-stages dog food for all of our dogs and puppies. Their food is a rotational food, so you can feed one of their formulas one day and another the next without slowly transitioning. This allows them to have different protein sources in their diet and keeps them interested in their meals by having a variety of flavors without upsetting their digestive system. We do not feed their specific Puppy formula since it contains chicken and the all-life-stages is perfectly formulated to suit the nutritional needs of puppies as well as adults. 

Here are the links to this food from PET SUPPLIES PLUS, AMAZON, and OPENFARM.


NuVet supplements

We send all of our puppies home with a sample of this vitamin that we use and highly recommend. Use the access code shown for a special discount.





We love our Diggs crate that you can purchase at here

Use code DOODLECOVE10 for a 10% discount!



We use and recommend this PUPWELL well grooming kit.




Fish oil

We add salmon oil to our adult dogs food to help keep their coats soft and shiny. Salmon oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that support a healthy immune system, heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, healthy skin and coat, and cognitive function. We also give our dogs sardines once a week for these same reasons. 



Trupanion is health insurance for your new furry family member. The first year or so of a puppy’s life especially could be filled with unexpected trips to the vet due to roughhousing, ingesting things they shouldn’t, or contact with other animals before they are fully vaccinated. Trupanion protects your wallet against these circumstances. For example, if your new puppy decides that it is a good idea to eat a sock and then gets an obstruction because of it, Trupanion would help cover the expenses for having the obstruction removed. It also is helpful for older dogs since as they age they can start having more health issues just like people do. We recommend health insurance for our puppies’ families as you never know when an accident may happen. We will be sending your puppy home with 30 days of Trupanion insurance so that you can try the program out before you commit to it. This free 30-day policy will need to be activated within 24 hours of your puppy going home. We want all of our puppies to be safe and happy and don’t want our puppies’ families to have to pay huge vet costs to keep them healthy. You can read more about the Trupanion health insurance here. 


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Baxter & Bella

For training that goes beyond the age that our provided My Loyal Hound focuses on, we recommend Baxter & Bella.

Baxter and Bella is an online puppy school with a lifetime membership. We adore how their program works and how beneficial it is to families. Puppies are very impressionable at a young age. That is why it is so important to continue training them so that they can learn good behavior as well as fun tricks. We start training your puppy using the puppy culture program as well as aspects from Baxter and Bella. This makes their online puppy school the perfect continuation of their training. Their system is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you on how to train and teaching you how to successfully integrate a canine companion into your life, family, and home! Hiring a local dog trainer may teach your dog to listen to the trainer but still have issues when it comes to listening to you. That is why the Baxter and Bella program is so effective. 

Baxter and Bella is offering our families an instant 25% savings on their Lifetime Unlimited Membership, which includes more than 75 lessons, over 100 how-to videos, printable charts and checklists, unlimited one-on-one professional help, online classes and courses, training games and activities, training podcasts, and so much more. They will help walk you through correcting unwanted puppy behaviors and give you tons of training tips to help you raise your new puppy! Use the code THEDOODLECOVE at to get 25% off.