Our Mamas


Romy is a multi-gen red goldendoodle with a wavy coat.She has a high percentage of golden retriever and comes from amazing English/European retriever lines – her grandpa was an international grand champion from Ukraine! She is small standard-sized at 55 pounds and 22 inches tall.

Romy is a very calm and smart girl! She has such a sweet temperament! She has a lot of similarities to her golden retriever dad. Hugs are her preferred form of affection!


Wren is a F1 apricot Goldendoodle with white abstract markings, wavy coat, and a beautiful brown/liver nose with hazel eyes which is super rare for an F1 goldendoodle. She is medium/small standard-sized and weighs 47 pounds and is 20.5 inches tall.

Wren is a head tilt champion. She is a very calm and friendly, go-with-the-flow dog! She loves car rides and playing with our kids outdoors. She is most loyal and protects our kids like they are her own. 


Luma is a solid dark red F1B Goldendoodle with the most perfect soft wavy coat. Her coat is so easy to maintain that we can let it grow really long and give her ponytails! She weighs 33 pounds and is 19 inches tall. 

Luma is very loyal and loving and never leaves our side. She is extremely eager to please us and her trust in us is never-ending. She loves to play fetch and tug of war! 


Foxe is a petite mini F1b intense dark red tuxedo Goldendoodle with a wavy coat. She is also genetically merle but since she is red it is hidden. She weighs 18 pounds and is 13.5 inches tall. 

Foxe is extremely intelligent and catches on quickly with all of her training. She has a very spunky and confident personality. Foxe is my velcro dog; she always sleeps right next to me and loves laying in my bed. She would go on every single car ride with us if she could! She knows when we are getting ready to leave and will go and sit by the door waiting to go with us!


Hazy is a petite mini multi-gen Goldendoodle puppy with a liver (brown) nose and hazel eyes. She weighs 14 pounds and is 13 inches tall.

Hazy is our little shadow! She loves to be right by my side and just hang out on the couch all day! She is an observer and prefers to just take everything in from afar instead of getting involved in all of the drama.


Fern is a petite mini F1b intense dark red tuxedo Goldendoodle with a wavy coat. She weighs just 9 pounds and is 12 inches tall.

Fern is extremely eager to learn and is really human-focused. She likes to just sit and watch you and follow you wherever you go. She is a tiny little cuddle bug and has a super confident and playful personality. She loves to go on adventures and just sit and people watch! She lays with her paws crossed just like her mama.


Maisie is a petite mini, F1, dark red Goldendoodle with a wavy coat. She is mama to our girls Foxe and Fern. She weighs 25 pounds and is 15 inches tall.


Maisie is a super sweet and gentle girl. She is very human focused. She is not a barker and loves to just lay down with her paws crossed and just observe everything around her. She loves giving kisses and is extremely intelligent. She tends to pass on these traits and habits to her puppies!




Sevn is a mini F1 black merle tricolor merle bernedoodle! She has two stunning icy blue eyes. She weighs 35 pounds and is 17 inches tall.

Sevn is a very confident, smart, and loving girl! She is such an all-around good girl! She is like a little baby bear with the way moves and wraps her arms around you when you pick her up! She loves to always be right next to you and go everywhere with her guardian family. She gets to live right on the lake and loves going on boat rides and swimming in the water!


Rowe is an F1b English Cream Goldendoodle with a wavy coat.. She was born on Christmas morning and her litter name as a puppy was Angel; which was absolutely PERFECT since her temperament is so kind and gentle. She is standard-sized standing 24.5 inches tall and weighing 47 pounds. 

Rowe is very smart and tenderhearted. She is also extremely cuddly and laid back, and she can almost always be found laying right next to us. She loves playing with puppies and is the mother hen of our pack.


Palmer is a petite mini multigenerational tuxedo Goldendoodle. She is still growing, so we don’t have an adult size for her yet. 

Palmer is a very fun and cuddly girl! She lives with the most perfect guardian family for her. She is so adored by them and spoiled in the best way. She loves to dress up all the time and is just such a good girl!


Cove is a standard F1b brown merle goldendoodle puppy. Her coat has a tweed merle pattern which means that she has multiple different shades of brown that make up her coat color. She also has one green eye and one blue eye! She is still growing, so we don’t have an adult size for her yet. 

Cove is a very happy and smart girl! She lives in a guardian home nearby with her wonderful family! She is best friends with her little humans and her merle poodle brother. She is doing great with all of her training and I look forward to each of her visits.

Health Testing: 

Pennhip: Pending

OFA Certified Clear:


Pending: Hips, Elbows, Cardiac,


Genetics through Embark


L.E. is our third-generation Doodle Cove girl from our Foxe and Camp litter. She is a petite mini multigenerational goldendoodle with a dark red abstract coat and one blue/one brown eye. She is still growing, so we don’t have an adult size for her yet. 

L.E. is a very sweet and playful little girl! She lives with the most perfect guardian family for her. She has a doggie sister named Ottie and 5 brothers who love her.

Health Testing: 

Pennhip: Pending

OFA Certified Clear:


Genetics through Embark