Our Papas


Camp is a multigenerational dark red true tuxedo Goldendoodle. He has extremely heavy white markings. His “socks” go almost all the way up to the white to his chest. He will pass these same gorgeous markings on to make some really cute puppies. He was born with a “frosted” look to the tips of his fur and then darkened significantly as he got older. This indicates that he has a possible Rufus gene which is currently an untestable gene that causes him to get darker over time. He weighs in at 40 pounds and stands 19 inches tall.

Camp lives nearby in a guardian home with a local teacher and her other dog, Charlie. He is very sweet and adored by everyone that he meets. His green eyes are soulful and dreamy. He loves the water and will jump right in when!


Reef is a petite mini multigenerational dark red tuxedo Goldendoodle puppy. He has fantastic heavy white markings. He will pass these same gorgeous markings on to some of his puppies. He has gorgeous eyes that just stare into your soul! He weighs 16 pounds and is 13 inches tall. We are very excited to have Reef as a part of The Doodle Cove Family! 

Reef lives in a guardian home nearby with his wonderful family! He loves going on walks with his family. He is very fun and independent yet SO cuddly! He gets along so well with the other dogs and loves children! We look forward to when he comes to visit!


Duck is a mini F1b dark red parti goldendoodle puppy. He has liver points meaning that he has a beautiful brown nose and gorgeous green/amber eyes! He has two copies of the parti gene meaning that he will always pass down various white marking to all of his puppies. He weighs 23 pounds and is 16 inches tall. 

Duck is such a sweet and happy boy. He has a very human-focused temperament. You can always find him sleeping at someone’s feet or in someone’s arms since he will follow you around like a little duckling! He gets along great with the other dogs and loves children. Duck lives in a guardian home nearby with his wonderful family where he is absolutely adored by all of his humans! He is just the friendliest little boy and is such a social butterfly!





stud Service

We offer stud service on a limited basis to approved outside programs.