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Responsibly raised Goldendoodles & Australian Labradoodles 
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Here at The Doodle Cove, we put health and temperament first!

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The Lamott family & George

"We absolutely adore the doodle cove! Tiffany is so amazing! I love how much she cares about each and every puppy. She spends so much time with them, desensitizing, training, crate training, grooming, and socializing! When I picked our puppy George up, her husband Taylor met me at the airport and it was such a smooth hand off. George was set up for success and I cannot thank them enough!"

The Krebs family & Bentley

"We love the Doodle Cove Family! We were the first pick of their first litter. The whole experience with them was amazing! They raise their puppies with so much care, attention, and training. They are a part of our family until it is time for the puppies to go to their new homes. And we feel like we got the best dog in the world. They alwaysa had time for us and went the extra mile multiple times. The whole process could not have been better. I would and hopefully will, get another dog from them again soon. They really were the best! I can't overstate it. "

Emily and harper & Emma and oliver

"On 01/06/2023 I had the pleasure of picking up 2 puppies from Tiffany and her family with the Doodle Cove. I wanted to take a moment to share my experience, because it truly was one of (and continues to be) such an unforgettable experience. I stumbled upon the doodle cove on Instagram during a search for my dream doodle. I am located in California, she in Indiana, so at first I thought-these are exactly what I’m looking for-but probably a bit too far to pick up a puppy. After searching and searching my heart just kept going back to the doodle cove. Then, Romy “my perfect doodle” was pregnant with pups and I knew this was it, I knew we were supposed to add one of her pups to our family. From day 1 Tiffany has been responsive, informative, kind and unlike any other breeder I have worked with. She takes her role above and beyond. The puppies are handled, loved, cared for everyday by family and it sure does show. From start to finish this experience was incredible. I now sit here with not 1-but 2 doodle cove puppies and they are the calmest, most well tempered puppies and I can’t wait to see the incredible dogs they will grow into! If I could give Doodle Cove 100 stars I would, because they are worth it if you are looking to welcome a doodle into the fam- The Doodle Cove is the way to go! Emily And Harper + our sweet new pups Emma and Oliver"

Kevin & Bailey

I cannot say enough positive things about Tiffany and The Doodle Cove! I thoroughly researched goldendoodle breeders and Tiffany was the stand out BY FAR. Her goldendoodles are gorgeous! She is a Goldendoodle Association of North America member which guarantees that the health testing her dogs undergo meets their strict standards. From the moment you begin reading her website it is clear how much she truly cares about breeding the best puppies and giving them the best possible start to life before she hands them off to their forever homes that she has thoroughly vetted. Tiffany provided us all with live zoom calls, thorough weekly updates, along with plenty of videos and photos of the puppies as they grew. The entire process was so enjoyable and exciting. When it comes time for puppy picks, Tiffany conducts temperament testing on all of the pups. The testing is video recorded along with a full write up which is then provided to all of the families. She then lets each family choose their puppy in order of their placement on the list. This was a standout aspect for me. I really liked that I was able to choose but that Tiffany provided us with the tools that empowered us to make an informed decision and choose the best puppy for us based on their temperament. I was second last on the litter list and still ended up with my first choice. Tiffany even sent us all home with a take home bag filled with a new puppy guide, snuggle puppy, blanket with the mom’s scent, toys, and treats. Every interaction with Tiffany throughout the process was so pleasant and positive that I was almost sad when the process was over! Tiffany encourages us to keep in touch with the puppy’s progress and is always available for questions even after you’ve taken the puppy home. I ended up with the perfect puppy! She has an amazing temperament that I receive complements on all the time. She has already brought so much joy and happiness to my life and I know that when the time comes to add a second one, Tiffany and The Doodle Cove is exactly where I’ll go.

Jaelyn & Maple

"I highly highly recommend getting a pup from @the_doodle_cove ! I was blessed with the opportunity of getting on the wait list for their first litter. My little pup, Maple, is now 6 months old and I am loving every second with her. Tiffany did such an amazing job with keeping families in the loop as far as how the puppies were doing, allowing us to FaceTime with her, taking constant pictures and videos, and answering every single question we may have! Ever since the momma pup, Luma, had her first ultrasound, we were constantly getting updates. It almost felt as if we were right there in Indiana with her and the pups! I never had any concerns during my time with The Doodle Cove. Tiffany did such a great job that now my mom is on the wait list for her pup this next year! I definitely felt like I got my money's worth with this experience. She sent us home with everything we could possibly need for the first couple of weeks! She sent us a goodie bag with toys, food, and medicine! She even included temperament testing prior to us choosing our pups so we could get an idea of what personality the puppies have and make sure we picked the perfect pup for our lifestyles! If you're thinking about getting a doodle, you can't go wrong with the Doodle Cove! "

Mila & Mando

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Tiffany, and it was an experience beyond my expectations. From the very first interaction to bringing home our new fur baby, every step of the process was filled with professionalism, care, and dedication.

What stood out the most was Tiffany’s genuine love for her dogs. The passion and enthusiasm she showed in her breeding program were evident in the way she spoke about her dogs’ lineage, temperament, and health. I followed her posts and videos on Instagram for weeks and saw the love she puts into every pup and parent under her care.

My experience with Tiffany was nothing short of exceptional! I wholeheartedly recommend Doodle Cove to anyone looking to add a new puppy to their family."

Briana & Murphy

"We were looking for our first puppy and when we knew we wanted a doodle, there was not a doubt in my mind that we’d go to The Doodle Cove. Tiffany and her family have been such a dream to work with, from my “thinking about applying” all the way to “having questions now that my puppy is home”, Tiffany has guided and supported me the entire way through. She helped me make sure I was in the right litter and ensured I had made the best choice for myself and my partner. Once the puppies were born, we would have weekly updates and anytime I had a question, Tiffany was so quick to respond to my messages. Her husband was also so kind to fly our puppy to us and you can just see all the care that goes into her program! Now that we have our puppy, he’s honestly the best! Minimal accidents and sleeps all night in his crate, their hard definitely pays off if you keep up the work at home. I couldn’t recommend The Doodle Cove enough and if you’re thinking about getting a doodle, look no further 😊 I am from Canada and chose to go with her despite the extra effort to get him! Thank you Tiffany for giving us our best friend, if we’re ever looking for a second - she knows we’ll be back!"

The schmidt family & Hudson

"Tiffany is a wonderful breeder! We were looking for a puppy to eventually train as a service dog, and she was so thoughtful about which puppy would work best for us. You can tell her dogs are loved and I would not hesitate to recommend The Doodle Cove!"

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