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Palmer & Laker's Litter

Petite Goldendoodles - $3,500
Expected - September 2024
Go Home - November 2024

Mama Palmer

Mama & Papa

Papa Laker

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These will be GANA registered, multigenerational goldendoodles. Breeding muligen goldendoodles allows us to breed for specific traits, consistency, and predictability in structure, temperament, and coats. We are able to selectively breed for genes that control shedding and typically result in less shedding than other generations - All while keeping the perfect teddy bear look. 


These puppies are expected to be petite in size. They are estimated to be around 10-20lbs and around 13 inches tall.



These puppies are expected to be dark red and caramel with some having white abstract, tuxedo, and parti markings.


What we expect with this litter

All of these puppies will have fully furnished, straight/wavy teddy bear coats like mom and dad! (no flat coats – all will have the typical Goldendoodle look ie. beard, eyebrows, fluffy face).

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The Doodle Cove's Palmer

Palmer is a mini, dark red tuxedo, multigenerational Goldendoodle with a wavy coat. She weighs 19 pounds and is 15 inches tall.

Palmer is a very fun and cuddly girl! She is so smart and well-mannered, and just wants your love and attention! She lives with the most perfect guardian family for her. She is so adored by them and spoiled in the best way. She loves to dress up all the time and is just such a good girl! 

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The Doodle Cove's Laker

Laker is a petite, multigenerational, red tuxedo goldendoodle with hazel/amber eyes! He weighs 9 pounds and stands 12 inches tall.

Laker lives in a guardian home nearby with his wonderful family, his brother Reef, and two other doggy siblings! He is very, affectionate, confident, human-focused, cuddly, and biddable! He is so sweet and loves to willingly roll over for belly rubs! He gets along so well with the other dogs and loves children!

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We require a $500 reservation fee to join a litter list. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and goes towards the purchase price of the puppy! You may transfer this fee once to a future litter! We accept all payments through Gooddog. If you would like to pay without their service fee, here is how to do so!

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